Turnkey Solution For Your IV Clinic


Rather you have an existing IV clinic or thinking about starting your own business, IV SOFT gives you a turnkey solution to stand out from the competition.

How Does It Work?

IV Soft is a proprietary turnkey-based software that was designed and coded specifically for the IV industry. Whether you have an existing IV clinic or you are thinking about starting your own IV business,

IV Soft can help by giving you all the tools you will need to get your IV business up and running, setting you up for lasting success. The right tech solutions mean a more organized and efficient workflow for your company.


Web Integration





Complete Web Integration


Your IV Soft turnkey solution comes with a full professionally designed and custom-built website that integrates with our software and enables you to generate and capture leads, create new appointments, generate sales, collect credit cards, take payments and much more.

Patients Management

Input and manage all patients within your business all from one place. Manage the influx of patients, save medical records & medical history, send out and manage invoices, collect payments, communicate with new and existing patients and much more. All HIPAA Compliant - safe and secure.


Staffing Management


Add, manage and edit staffing for your clinic such as secretaries, nurses, doctors, and more. Our provider module enables you to manage your entire business with ease all from one integrated dashboard.

Calendar & Bookings

View the calendar for your entire IV business. Bookings for each nurse or doctor located all in one place. Manage available times, monitor individual nurses’ schedules and assign appointments and bookings for multiple nurses based on availability. Everything can be managed and controlled by an easy to use ‘drag and drop’ time block interface from one dashboard.


E-mail Marketing Campaigns


Create, send and monitor mass email campaigns to new and existing patients, prospective patients, staffing and much more. Our system integrates with all major mailing list campaign providers online.

E-Commerce Modules

Sell individual product subscription and services from within your own software. Run a licensing or franchising system where you can sell products to your franchisees and patients.




IV Soft comes 100% capable of expansion such as a licensing system or a franchising system. Collect royalties, monitor sales forecasts throughout locations and much more.

Your Own Mobile Apps!

Our Turnkey solution comes with your very own mobile application, for Android and iOS, enabling your patients to book appointments, pay invoices, make account changes and much more. We build, customize and host your mobile apps. You don't need to do a thing!


Pricing and Initial Costs

We offer several packages and options for you to choose from. IV Soft comes 100% turnkey ready, giving you the ability to start your own IV clinic business with ease. Contact us today to get started and take part in this great opportunity.

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